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Vinieta Bhatia: Passionate About Her Patients

vinieta-bhatia-doctor-3                                                                                              Vinieta Bhatia


Injuries related to sprains, fractures, dislocations, and ligament tearing might take place at any point in time. Whether you are playing some indoor games or you are engaged in sports activities, these injuries can occur without any notice. When faced with such situations, the patient undergoes a lot of pain and requires the attention of a skilled orthopedic surgeon immediately. Only specialists can help you overcome such painful injuries and also prevent any further damages in future. One of the renowned specialists in the field of orthopedic is Dr. Vinieta Bhatia. She is engaged with many super-specialty hospitals and offers her services to the patients visiting there.  
Her strong dedication and ethical practices have made her preferable among the patients. She has also experience of treating any critical sports injuries. The post-surgery care, which patients get from her, helps them recover quite soon. Her experience in the orthopedic field is above 10 years. She had done her fellowship in the field of sports medicine but has become a specialist in surgeries related to a ligament tear. She particularly takes care of the joints of the shoulders, knee, and hip while treating her athlete patients. The tips given by her on regular exercising helps the patients in recovering soon. Just not physical treatment, she also motivates her patients mentally so that they do not get over stressed with their injuries.  
Dr. Vinieta Bhatia comes from a humble family and has really worked hard to establish herself as a doctor in the medical field. After completing the medical degree, she started working as the visiting surgeon in Orthopedics department in several hospitals. She also opened her own private clinic side by side. She keeps updating her knowledge in the medical field and is well aware of all the latest innovations related to surgeries and medicines. She is friendly with her patients and listens to their problems minutely.  
She is also in touch with the academic field and contributes there in the form of some articles or latest write-ups. She has a unique approach to treating her patients. She first listens to the medical history of the person and then goes ahead with her treatment of the patient. She also does a great teamwork with the other doctors and surgeons. A patient is assured speedy recovered if he or she follows the treatment procedure tailored by Dr. Vinieta Bhatia.

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